My Intro to Ellie Part 2

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**Background:** My first story about Ellie was received really well, so here's the conclusion of that first night I met her. All events detailed in this story are true. I've changed the names of everyone involved and I won't name the school. If anyone from the area reads this, they'll know exactly what school it is and who the girl is.

As I stated before, this is the first of many stories about Ellie I will share. This is the conclusion of the first time we fucked.

**Recap**: My roommate is from a town near our school. He had been hooking up with a girl on the women's basketball team who is also from a small town near our school. He talked her into hooking up with both of us one night after practice.

Ellie gave me the best blowjob I've had since I came to school. My roommate, Javoris, pounded her ass until he busted his nut.

Now we're sitting around talking, still naked, as we recover from our first go around.

**Part 2**: About ten minutes pass and we’re ready to go again. Javoris and Ellie lay on his bed next to each other and I'm on my bed across the room. As we've been talking, Ellie has been playing with Javoris's balls and rubbing his dick. He now has a full hard on and Ellie didn't waste time taking his dick in her mouth. As she moves her mouth up and down on his dick, I begin getting hard and playing with my dick on my bed.

After a couple of minutes of Ellie blowing Javoris, he throws her off, grabs her hair and throw her down on her back. He quickly pounces up on the bed, grabs her ankles and places them up by his shoulders, exposing her wet pussy to his dick. Immediately, Javoris thrust his dick in her pussy. “Harder…..fuck me harder….don’t stop” is all I hear as I sit on my bed, playing with myself. After a few minutes of intense pounding, Ellie has another intense orgasm, but Javoris doesn't stop.

Javoris announces that he's about to nut, but Ellie request that he cum in her ass again. He pulls his dick out of her soaking wet pussy and slowly guides it into her ass. Lubricated with his nut from before, it slides in with ease. He begins to pound away with no mercy, but after a minute or so, Javoris explodes in her ass again.

With cum dripping out her ass, Ellie gets up and walks over to my bed. She pushes me back on the bed and begins blowing me again. Javoris gets dressed and leaves the room to grab some food. Now it's just Ellie and I alone in the room. After watching Javoris and Ellie, I'm already about to explode as she continues to guide her mouth up and down my dick.

After the door closes and Javoris has left, Ellie says to me, “I’ve been looking forward to this all day. I've seen you on campus and I want you to eat my pussy. That’s why I wouldn’t let him cum in me. I want your cum in my pussy”. I didn't know what to say except, okay. I flipped her over, kiss my way down from her tits down to her inner thighs. I plunge my tongue deep inside her pussy and playing with her clit. After a few minutes, Ellie to came again. “Fuck me right now”, she commanded after her orgasm had subsided.

I make my way back up and after a little bit of intense making out, I slide my dick inside of Ellie. Her pussy was warm and wet. She took my whole dick in one smooth stroke. "That's good," I groaned. "You're pussy is so good." I start to increase the pace of my strokes, each time pushing further forwards, pounding so hard that I'm worried about someone hearing in the hallway. "Ahhhh fuck! Fuck, fuck! Shit. Yes!" Ellie grips the bed with both hands, "Fuck, yes.….harder….harder!!

I decided to see how much of a slut Ellie was, so I started talking dirty to her. "You want it harder you little slut?" I didn't wait for a reply, instead just sliding my dick back & forwards again with increased pace. With her legs spread wide, I quickly built up a consistent rhythm, long powerful strokes of my dick in her pussy. “Please don’t stop!! Harder….come on harder!”.

With your cum all over my dick, I can’t hold on anymore and I bust a nut deep inside her pussy. As I start to cum, Ellie wraps her legs around me forces me to cum even deeper. When I'm completely drained, Ellie releases her grip on me and I fall to the side of the small twin bed. “I want that again.", Ellie says.

We lay there for a few minutes before Ellie realizes she has to go to her team study hall. We exchange numbers and she informs to get text her anytime. I felt a little guilty because this was my roommates "girl", but she's giving me her number. Ellie gets dressed and leaves the room. I go meet Javoris at the dining hall to grab some food. At dinner, he informs me that he's okay with me texting her and to "have fun and share" her. I took his words to heart.......

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Notes Part 2 of my first meeting with Ellie. This is the conclusion of the first time we hooked up.
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