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I was in college and needed work for the summer. I went to the local country club and applied for a waitress at the clubhouse. I was new to the restaurant industry but had a charming personality behind what I considered an above average woman: 5’ 6”, long brunette hair, firm tits and a nice ass that filled out the sundress I went in with to fill out an application. The manager, Steve, was impressed as I could feel his eyes walk over me. He said he had various shifts available but mostly as a hostess but also need a golf cart lady for the multiple tournaments the course held throughout the year. Needing any dollar I could find, I accepted both positions and asked for any other jobs that may come up during the season.

Little did I know that the summer was going to be one of my best ever, if not the best ever!

I started on a Monday and was asked to run the beer cart. Having never done this, I wore a cute golf skirt with running tights underneath and white tank top that was snug but not too tight with a black visor. I made decent tips and flirted away with he older club members to earn as much in tips as I could. I did fairly well that day and mad $256 but noticed the next time I did this, I would have to step up my game.

I went back on Thursday for my next tournament and wore a nice golf skirt and paired it with a bright pink thong. I left the sports bra behind and wore a form fitting white tank top from Athleta. My tits looked amazing in them and the bare nipple was tweaked just hard enough to show off myself off. My black visor topped my off and my pony tail popped out the back. I lubed up with some Hawaiian tropic lotion that smelled of coconut and aloe, the perfect summer scent. My Foot Joy golf shoes gave the impression I knew what I was doing but I honestly had no interest in golf-just tips!

I pulled up to the third hole and as the group was finishing, I asked, “You guy’s need anything?” And a tall and handsome young professional said, “Yeah, we’ll have a round…” as he headed to his bag to grab his wallet. I waited in the cart until he approached and I could see hint looking me over. I slid one leg out of the cart and exposed my pink thong, and then pulled the other leg around. I could see him staring right at my crotch and I definitely know he saw my pink thong. “What can I get you?”, I asked. He relied, “4 Miller Lites and 4 Fireball’s.” I leaned over the ice chest and pulled the beers out, making sure some cold water hit my breasts and alerted my nipples. I handed him the beers and shots and said, “That will be $30.” He handed me two $20’s and said, “Keep the change! And don’t forget about us.” As he handed me another $20.

I went around the course and pretty much did the same routine with all the guys who bought something, regardless if it was alcohol or not and the tips were very generous. I doubled my previous take and made $600. Guys are such perverts. Show them a hint of something like your pussy and they will go crazy!

The next time I did the beer cart, it was an early tee time at 7a. I dressed similarly only this time with a purple thong. I was on the course for like 20 minutes before a thunderstorm rolled in and sent everyone to the bar. Being so early, the bartender was not in so my boss asked me if I could sling beers and shots for a while and I quickly accepted. I was a bit wet being caught in the rain so I changed into a pair of shorts and a ladies polo shirt from the pro shop. I was a bit wet but the guys didn’t care. They ordered shots and beers and each time I bent over I made sure my whale tale stuck out the top of my shorts. The tournament was cancelled after about an hour as the thundershowers and rain were not subsiding and many in the group filtered out.

I was doing pretty good with tips, $350 in about 2 hours, and I hung around with the remaining few groups and began to chat up a few of the guys. They were all buzzed at this piping and two of them seems to be walking their eyes all over me with each passing. I decided to play a little more with them. I excused myself for a moment and went to the ladies room where I removed my purple thong and spruced hop my hair and put on a bit of makeup. I returned and they immediately noticed the make up. “Oh, freshening up?”, one of them said and I replied, “Yeah, the rain kinda ruined my outfit and makeup so I wanted to just freshen up.” “Well, you look nice’, he said and I said, “Thanks, can I get you guys anything?” As I leaned against the cooler and lifted my leg casually and rested it on the well bar. I knew my baggy shorts were giving them a good glimpse of my pussy, I just wondered if they picked up on it. “Yeah, we will have another round. By the way, I’m Scott and this is Jamie.” He said as he pointed to his friend. Both were cute and in good shape for young professionals. They golf shirts were drying up by now and loosening in on their chiseled chests.

I bent over the cooler to grab more beers and Scott said, “What happened to your thong?” I turned around and said, “You’ve been checking my ass out?” And he said, “Well of course! How could a guy not notice a whale tale when a hot bartender bends over.” I placed the beers on the counter for them and noticed the crowd thinning out. Only Scott and Jamie were left. I waved and said goodbye and thanks as the others left the room and sat back on the cooler and put my leg up on the bar well again, exposing my shaved beaver to them, if they noticed, and began flirting back. “So, you guys ever going to leave? Looks like the course is going to be closed today.” Jamie replied, “Yeah, we have to either go back to work or stay here and drink. And I don’t think I can work today.” I shifted backward to look at the clock and my breasts were pressed into the polo as I said, “What can we do besides drink?” Scott said, “I have an idea. What time do you get off? We can head out to lunch and have a nice darty, our treat!”

I said, “Well,

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